A Big Year of Imagery

As we all welcome in a new year, we thought we'd take a look back on some of our favourite images from 2018... and beyond!

At the heart of our business is - and will always be - a love of photography. We set up our Lobster Pictures Instagram account in 2018 to share some of our favourite images straight from our Lobster Pot time lapse cameras, our favourite images from the past, and some behind the scenes glimpses of our Production work. Over Christmas, we asked our staff to pick their favourites... and the stories and reasons behind their choices!


Dreamland, Margate Refit - Lobster Pictures


Operations Director

"The Dreamland shot - I love the bright colours and amazing sunlight... it almost makes it look like a fairytale toy fairground!"









Lobster Pictures install image


Assistant Operations Manager

"I really like this image - it shows us working safely (which is really important to us as a company)... plus it's a really nice composition. Great look of concentration on our Senior Technician Joe's face too!"






National Trust Lobster Pictures image


Sales Executive

"I'm a big fan of this image of Stourhead - it's not city-based, so is really different to the majority of our other images."










Marketing and Customer Acquisition Manager

"This definitely made our day when it popped up on our Lobster Pot checks!"









Lobster Pictures 22 Bishopsgate


Senior Technician

"I really like this one of 22 Bishopsgate. It was a really interesting one to install - on about the 40th floor - so there were some pretty epic views across London!"








100 Bishopsgate Lobster Pictures




"This early morning image from our 100 Bishopsgate public camera is great - straight from the Lobster Pot too, no editing! It reminds me of our new showreel, which was a big project for me this year."






Kew Garden's Lobster Pictures



"I really liked the Kew Gardens temperate house restoration project - it was a final film I basecut myself too."











Lobster Pictures time lapse installationLuke

Senior Technician

"The tower in Belfast is my favourite. I remember the big, long climb, and we were getting seriously cold in the wind... But then we were treated to fish and chips by our lovely clients Richard and Nathan after we'd got back down!" 



















Lobster Pictures time lapse image


System Administrator

"It's got to be the crow with the french fry for me. That's got to be one of the best from the 35 million photos it's my job to look after for our clients!"








Lobster Pictures renewables time lapse


Support Technician

"The use of DSLRs to capture our projects really gives so much control on how images can be captured. I love this example, because if you consider how much movement and activity has been captured, it still has a real sense of calmness about it."




















apple Lobster Pictures time lapse


Managing Director

"An oldie but a goodie - we set up a Lobster Pot time lapse camera for a BBC documentary in 2011 in Scotland. At the start, there were a couple of buds in shot and nothing else. This apple grew right into the shot as the months went on, stayed in focus, and didn't get eaten by pests or fall off the tree. The programme used the whole time lapse sequence from this and the other four cameras we set up in the producer's garden."


Lobster Pictures offshore projects




Media Producer

"This shot - taken by hanging from the lifting gear of a crane on a big offshore project we completed this year - shows the unique locations our Lobster Pots make it to!"










Which is your favourite?

We'd love to capture your project in 2019... drop us a note via the button below if you'd like to find out how we can help.

Happy New Year from Lobster Pictures!


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