August summary

In August, we all managed to take holidays, among the huge amounts of work. We put up four time lapse cameras covering the refitting of a Waterstone's book shop in our native Bristol. We put up a camera to cover the setting up, and taking down, of the Red Bull 'X-fighters' motocross event at Battersea Power Station:

We put up a camera to cover the stage building for the Barclaycard freerunning championship at Trafalgar Square:

Barclaycard Freerunning Championships, Trafalgar Square, London. Still from time lapse, by Lobster Pictures



Our two time lapse cameras in and outside a data centre in NE England came down, as did our two Sainsbury's cameras. We put up two "Lobster Pot" cameras covering a water facility construction in South Wales:

Welsh Water facility, South Wales, UK. Still from Time Lapse by Lobster Pictures


Our ongoing project with RWE, covering the construction of an offshore windfarm continued, with a couple of great time lapses:

Jack-up barge


...and a trip to UAE to recce three massive potential sites. Another busy month!

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