Bolivia for Oxfam

Time lapse Bolivia for Oxfam
In February, Peter travelled to Bolivia with Oxfam GB to film, photograph and create time lapse videos of their Camellones project. The project is re-introducing ancient techniques for land management using canals and raised farming areas, with the aim of helping the local people deal with the effects of climate change and improve their lives through increased food security and income.

Tomato and corn cultivation, fish farming and other techniques help produce regular food and income for the local people.

We also surveyed the site to establish a suitable position for a long term Lobster Pot camera to continue filming as the project expands. This will help engage the public in fund-raising activities by showing the progress of the project online via Lobster Vision.

Tropical heat, high humidity levels and agressive (often blood sucking!) insects were all challenges encountered and overcome on the trip - alongside the logistical challenges of moving large quantities of equipment in very muddy conditions along flooded tracks.

We visited a remote comunity to film the construction of a house designed to resist floods as the majority of people are forced to live in poorly built shacks due to the extreme poverty. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America.

We returned in March to install the camera on a 15 metre custom-built mast. This is our first installation in South America.

Custom built time lapse mast

Custom built time lapse mast


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