Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2015 360 Experience

We are huge fans of the International Balloon Fiesta, held right on our doorstep. We decided to try something a little different for 2015, for those of you who were unable to attend the fiesta.

We wanted to give you the chance to experience some of the fiesta fun for yourselves. So we decided to film and time-lapse the world-renowned event in amazing 360° video.  See for yourself what it’s like to float above Ashton Court and Ashton Gate Stadium in a special Penguin shape balloon. Witness and experience incredible views above other balloons in flight and get a bird’s eye view over the beautiful city, including the suspension bridge. If you are from Bristol you may even be able to spot your house!

Lastly, we finish the video on one of the most popular features of the fiesta, the night glow. For mobiles, please use this YouTube link


Koro and Paul our camera operators had a lot of fun filming the festival. They chose some great spots to give you the best point of view. We used two camera setups, our 6 action camera rig and our custom 12K resolution rig with prime lenses. We had spectacular flights with Exclusive Ballooning and Ballooning Media to capture both stills and 360° footage.We intended to release the film sooner, but it’s been on the back-burner as we deliver more big projects for our clients!


How to watch the Balloon Fiesta in 360:

Experience the awesome film in different ways:

Computers, tablets or smartphones on YouTube

Alternatively, Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift headset

360 degree filming rig and Clifton Suspension Bridge

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