Bristol Port 360°

"Lobster Pictures' advice, skills and willingness to make this project work were spot on throughout the project. It's a totally new way to make an impact on existing and potential customers." 

Sue Turner, Director of Communications, The Bristol Port Company


Great exposure from every angle

For The Bristol Port Company, we produced a VR film for their stand at Multimodal 2015. From container cranes to on board a forklift, it transports you right into the busy port like nothing else can. You can see the 'linear' film here - this allows you to navigate in 360°, but without interaction:


Immersive - on all platforms

This was developed using our brand-new 'sphere' technology - an online, interactive viewing platform which works on VR headsets, Google Cardboard, on  smartphones, tablets and browsers. There's more information on our 360° production page.

Lobster Pictures 360° Film at Multimodal 2015, NEC


A step up from flat films

Sue Turner, Director of Communications at The Bristol Port Company, says: "We all know these sorts of NEC trade shows where exhibitors show films about their business. They are just dull wallpaper with nothing to grab the attention of passersby, no interaction and no lasting impression.

Instead of going the boring old route we worked with the team at Lobster Pictures to create the world's first 360 degree immersive port tour and it provided a great talking point to start conversations with delegates. The Lobster Pictures team were great to work with. Their advice, skills and willingness to make this project work were spot on throughout the project.

We're busy following up leads - everyone remembers the interactive film - so now the only question is how to top it next year!"


The Bristol Port Company, Multimodal 2015, stand


Production available

360° interactive video lets you show anyone - clients, stakeholders, family and friends - your site or project in a completely immersive way. It never fails to amaze! As pioneers of this new format, with our extensive training to safely reach great viewpoints and our undoubted creative abilities - we'd love to help you bring the views to your audience. Contact us today to see how we can do this for you.

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