Busiest Month - ever!

We've had an incredibly busy month - a camera on a prison development in Scotland, and the end of our mammoth BBC job in the Munros (for now). We have installed a camera on a school being built in London, here's a quick before-and-after:

Crown Woods School, Eltham


A time lapse camera on Brighton's new football stadium:

Football stadium start of construction


We are gearing up for a time lapse camera to cover an oil project in UAE, our two St Tropez cameras coming to an end, a couple of power stations recce'd in Portugal, our fourth Sainsbury's supermarket:

Sainsbury's Supermarket


... some creative shooting for Jewish Care in London, and one of our proudest moments, putting two cameras on an offshore windfarm in Rhyl, North Wales. Here's Bryan, looking stylish in an immersion suit..

Bryan Lynch

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