Introducing the Super Hi-Vision Lobster Pot

We’re very excited to announce the Super Hi-Vision Lobster Pot is now commercially available. 

Nikon, London Skyline -  1412251700-1


It has to be seen to be believed!

With sixteen times the resolution of HD, this Lobster Pot is the highest resolution long term time-lapse camera in the world.  Even the tiniest details can be picked out from the widest frame. Here is an example:



8K viewable on Lobster Vision

To mark the launch, we have installed one of the cameras looking over at London skyline. All the changes happening over the next five to ten years will be captured. The shot includes London landmarks such as the Shard, St. Paul’s and the Walkie-Talkie. The camera is online and transmits to Lobster Vision - you can view it at


Teamed up with Nikon

Nikon have kindly supported this project. They have provided us with a Nikon D810 and a 35mm prime lens. The combination of our technology with Nikon cameras have made possible this Super Hi-Vision Lobster Pot. 

Julian Hollingshead, Nikon Business Support, said:

“One of the reasons we enjoy working with Lobster Pictures is that their viewer, Lobster Vision, lets you view and zoom into individual images in real-time - from anywhere in the world. The installation being in place for so long will really push the limits of this fantastic camera.”

Super Hi-Vision - 8K Lobster Pot installation from Lobster Pictures on Vimeo.

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