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360 video is fast becoming one of the leading technological advances of 2016 and beyond. It’s capabilities can bring to life projects that would otherwise remain two dimensional and a little lifeless. As thrilling as it might be - it’s not always easy to pull off, especially if you’re 445ft high up on the Severn crossing with only a harness between you and the sea below!

Scruffs Workwear appointed Halo to create an advertising campaign that would showcase the quality, durability and flexibility of its products. 360° online video was an integral part of this so Halo got in touch with us to see if we could make this happen.

A small task force was assembled which included: Koro Ezkurdia, Harry Coelho and Paul McKelvie. We worked with Halo and Scruffs to create the project ‘Masters of Vertigo’. We asked Paul for some insight into the project to discover what it takes to put something of this magnitude together. 


Scruffs was a challenging project, 360° on a 445 ft bridge. But what do you feel was technically the greatest obstacle?

“One of the technical obstacles of the shoot, was ensuring the six GoPro camera batteries lasted the entire walk up the bridge and for the helicopter flight. If you lose one of the six cameras due to a battery dying, the whole sphere won’t work. Good timing and power management was a critical factor on the day. Having a great camera assistant - Harry - was essential.”


How long did it take to film? And what should companies consider when deciding to tackle a 360° project?

“It took two days to shoot as we were outdoors and wanted to get a few different takes. Plus we were at the mercy of the British weather. It’s the same for any type of shoot: planning is the key!

Make sure to have a contingency plans and make the best use of your time while at location. Build in lots of time into your schedule to keep things running smoothly. Nobody enjoys a rushed shoot.”


Masters of 360 Video Production Team


When you’re mapping out a project of this scale how much collaboration is required between you and the client?

“When working on 360° projects it’s important to understand the boundaries of the technology. From there you can adapt and tailor ideas to suit the project. For example - it’s best to reduce the amount of movement of the 360° rig as much as possible, this can reduce the quality of the stitching in post production. Knowing this, we tested this new technology to it’s limits to achieve something a bit different, which I think we have done here with the Scruffs ‘Masters of Vertigo’ video.” 


Let’s talk technology. What equipment did we use for this project? And If you had the luxury of using any equipment on the market what would you use?

“We used two rigs each made up of six GoPro Hero 4’s. There are other 360° rigs out there which are great, but none of them had the form factor we required for the challenge of the guys walking up the bridge. One rig the Freedom 360 setup went on the helicopter as this rig uses the waterproof cases for the cameras. The rig that Danny wore while climbing was a custom made setup with the 360° Hero rig on top (See photos). It would have been great to put a 3 axis stabilised gyroscope on the custom rig Danny wore, but for safety reasons this wasn’t an option.”


Masters of 360° video behind the scenes

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