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Ok - you've got us - we're naturally a little biased, but we're extremely proud of our brilliant team here at Lobster Pictures. It takes a hugely varied and talented bunch to provide you with that Lobster level of service you've come to know and love.

To get to know us a little bit better, over the next few months, we thought we'd introduce you to the team behind the Lobster Pot time lapse monitoring camera and Lobster Vision time lapse viewer. So without further ado...


meet Marcus

Lobster-Pictures - Staff- Senior-Technician-Marcus-TannerMarcus is one of our Senior Technicians, and he's responsible for getting your Lobster Pot time lapse cameras installed on your construction project safely and efficiently. Like all our Install team, he's got more safety training and accreditations than you could shake a stick at, including ECS, SSSTSIPAF and PASMA, and spends much of his day working at height (both literally and figuratively - all 6ft 3 of him!)

This week, we spoke to Marcus about his role, how he came to be a Senior Tech, and what life looks like for him out on the road for Lobster Pictures.


What does an average day look like for you?

The great part of the job is there's never two days the same! Usually, we're up for 6am and on the road, and often heading down the M4 to London, but we work worldwide, so are sometimes catching flights or ferries. The role has taken me to the USA, France, Ireland... you name it!

We tend to split our time between installing cameras on new projects, surveying construction sites to advise on the most suitable potential camera positions, managing camera moves, and also the occasional routine maintenance visit. 

There's a huge range of mounts and masts we use to suit different types of site, so it certainly keeps the work really varied and interesting.Lobster Pictures time lapse monitoring


How long have you worked for Lobster Pictures?

I've worked for Lobster for just over 4 years. I joined as a Junior Technician, then was promoted to Technician, before I became a Senior Tech in early 2017. 


Lobster Pictures time lapse install teamWhat does the role of a Senior Technician entail?

As a Senior Tech, you are essentially the lead for each task. We usually work in teams of two, which vary for each project - so as a Senior, you have responsibility for all the final decisions both on site, and in the workshop. 

I also train and mentor the Junior Technicians as part of the role.


What did you do prior to working for Lobster?

After leaving college, I joined a telecommunications company and learnt on the job, installing cables in residential and commercial properties - it gave me a great grounding in the knowledge needed to join Lobster Pictures as a Junior Technician. 


What training and accreditations do you hold?

Keeping up to date with training and current safety legislation is a vital part of the role. I hold an ECS card, SSSTS, which is site supervisor trainingIPAFwhich means I can operate scissorlifts and cherry pickers, and PASMA, which gives training in the safe use of mobile access towers.

I've also had training in emergency first aid, asbestos awareness, practical inspection and records. We often have to climb large structures as part of our roles, so I've also trained in Working at Height, Advanced Climber and Evacuation by Descent… just to name a few!

Lobster Pictures Technicians Install Team


What’s the best part of the job?

I love the varied nature of the role, and how each project is different... we've had some really interesting projects! You learn so much about each project you work on, and I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to be involved in big landmark builds from the start.

Marcus Tanner Lobster Pictures There's been so many iconic projects that I drive past now that they're complete, or that I see on the news, and I think "we had cameras on that!"

... And the toughest part?

As anyone who works on a construction site will tell you, winter is definitely a little tough!  We're predominantly working outside with the role, so we've experienced most of what the weather has to throw at us! Cold, fog, sleet, early mornings in the pitch black... you definitely get used to it though, and summer installs in the sunshine more than make up for it! 


What’s been your favourite install?

I loved the install at Hampton Court Palace - it was definitely something a bit different! It was a two camera install at their historic allotments, capturing time lapse of the fruit and vegetable plants growing over the course of a season. 

We also installed a camera to capture growth of The Great Vine there - it's 250 years old, and the largest grape vine in the world! You learn so much history when installing on a project like this, and meet some great people - this was definitely a really memorable one.


Historic Royal Palaces: Hampton Court Palace Gardens from Lobster Pictures on Vimeo.


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