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Oxfam, Bolivia

We're extremely proud to be working for Oxfam in Bolivia. Oxfam are supporting the adaptation of an ancestral farming and water management technique called camellones (raised platforms of land, surrounded by water channels). This helps...

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Matthew Day Jackson

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Stargazing - Live

No, not the BBC series, but we've been out shooting astro-time lapse in darkest Wales. We've found a great new location, with the help of our Dark Skies Map - though the dreaded orange glow from streetlamps is still a little bit visible. Here's a...

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Mexico: Monclova

For our client Siemens VAI we travelled to Mexico and installed two Lobster Pot monitoring and time lapse cameras. These are covering the installation of a Steckel Mill for AHSMA. This is the fourteenth country we've worked in in the last three...

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Tecnoconference Italy 2

Tecnoconference, Florence

We installed a Lobster Pot in Florence, Italy, for a new client. Tecnoconference are a large events technology company, covering over 1400 events every year.

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Who's Lenny?

We were proud to support See No Evil, Europe's biggest permanent street art installation, bringing internationally-renowned artists and some of the world's biggest artworks to one of the less-pretty parts of our lovely home city of Bristol. We...

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Ladder safety issues

Safety First

We've been asked to 'rescue' time lapse cameras provided by others - that have been mounted unsafely, or just don't work - a few times now. So I thought it would be a good time to share some experiences we've had in this field.

Firstly, this week...

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Creamfields time lapse


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Nendaz, Switzerland

Here's a little bit of cloud time lapse from recent adventures in Switzerland:

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Balloon Fiesta 2011

To mark the Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2011, we shot a quick time lapse of the morning launch from Clifton Suspension Bridge:

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