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Xiangtan and Xipeng

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China, the Moon

We have another trip to China on Saturday - two or possibly three locations, shooting stills for Siemens. With this in mind, we bought a Canon 7D camera which will shoot HD video as well as superb stills. We put this through its paces shooting...

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Tate Modern Display, London

To showcase their new extension, Tate Modern have built an HD projection system that shows footage from their Lobster Pot camera. There's also a dedicated Lobster Vision kiosk there. Go visit now! We've also been commissioned to place a camera...

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Tate Modern Extension

We have placed a camera overlooking the Tate Modern in London. This is to record and publicise the new extension being built over the next three years. View the Lobster Vision camera here.

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Two Rail Possessions

We worked through Christmas 2009 - becoming a common occurrence these days - deploying and managing two cameras at railway works, which get underway when the lines are closed for Christmas. Newport Station, who are keeping the Lobster Pot on site...

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Fujairah, UAE

We have installed a camera at a facility in Fujairah, UAE... The camera can shoot 21 megapixel RAW images. It has air-conditioning. It has wireless microwave - we've built a 36 megabit internet access point a mile from the nearest cable. It's...

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September 2009

Another busy month here at Lobster Pictures... not so many pictures this time, as we're doing a lot of work for high-profile clients where commercial confidentiality is paramount.

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Welsh Water facility, South Wales, UK. Still from Time Lapse by Lobster Pictures

August summary

In August, we all managed to take holidays, among the huge amounts of work. We put up four time lapse cameras covering the refitting of a Waterstone's book shop in our native Bristol. We put up a camera to cover the setting up, and taking down,...

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Crown Woods School, Eltham

Busiest Month - ever!

We've had an incredibly busy month - a camera on a prison development in Scotland, and the end of our mammoth BBC job in the Munros (for now). We have installed a camera on a school being built in London, here's a quick before-and-after:

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Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.27.27

Fujairah, Abu Dhabi

We recce'd a site in Fujairah, UAE, for a client who wants a Lobster Pot time lapse camera. On the same visit, we managed to shoot some time lapse footage in Dubai:

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