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Welsh Water facility, South Wales, UK. Still from Time Lapse by Lobster Pictures

August summary

In August, we all managed to take holidays, among the huge amounts of work. We put up four time lapse cameras covering the refitting of a Waterstone's book shop in our native Bristol. We put up a camera to cover the setting up, and taking down,...

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Crown Woods School, Eltham

Busiest Month - ever!

We've had an incredibly busy month - a camera on a prison development in Scotland, and the end of our mammoth BBC job in the Munros (for now). We have installed a camera on a school being built in London, here's a quick before-and-after:

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Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.27.27

Fujairah, Abu Dhabi

We recce'd a site in Fujairah, UAE, for a client who wants a Lobster Pot time lapse camera. On the same visit, we managed to shoot some time lapse footage in Dubai:

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Treasure Dhow - Oman

We installed a customised Lobster Pot time lapse system in Oman to cover the construction of a 'Treasure Dhow' being built using traditional techniques. This is a joint project by the Sultanate of Oman and the government of Singapore, and we are...

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High Wycombe - during

Temporary Structure, High Wycombe

We supplied and fitted a Lobster Pot camera for the build of a temporary supermarket in High Wycombe. The client liked Lobster Lapse, our online viewing platform, so much they put up a plasma screen showing for it in their global HQ.

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Dublin Airport

We put up nine cameras at Dublin airport to monitor pedestrian traffic flow. Working over the Bank Holiday weekend, the busiest in the year, these will take one shot per minute for three days. All the shots are timestamped, so will provide...

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Goodwood Festival of Speed

Lobster Pictures is currently producing a six-week time lapse project of the 35m tall sculpture at Goodwood Festival of Speed being built and dismantled. Client: Massteknik/Toyota

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