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Made In Bristol

The "Lobster Pot" time lapse camera is at the heart of our service at Lobster Pictures. At first glance, it could be mistaken for a regular CCTV camera, but look a little closer and you'll see there's a lot more inside than meets the eye! Well...

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Meet The Team - Ellis: Editor

Over the next few months, we thought we'd introduce you to the faces behind the Lobster Pot time lapse monitoring camera and Lobster Vision time lapse viewerSo without further ado, next up... Meet Ellis!

If you haven't checked out the first in...

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The Rise of The Digital Twin

The idea of a robot twin to help with the more mundane tasks in life sounds very tempting - who wouldn’t like that long meeting to be attended by a replica from time to time? Although it’s still in the realm of futurism for humans, a digital twin...

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Meet The Team - Marcus: Senior Technician

Ok - you've got us - we're naturally a little biased, but we're extremely proud of our brilliant team here at Lobster Pictures. It takes a hugely varied and talented bunch to provide you with that Lobster level of service you've come to know and...

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Five Videos That Will Change What You Think About Construction!

Here at Lobster Towers, we like to look ahead to the future once in a while, to get a feel for what sort of developments and innovations are set to shape construction, architecture and engineering in the future.

Our last post on futurism - The...

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Lobster Pictures 22 Bishopsgate

A Big Year of Imagery

As we all welcome in a new year, we thought we'd take a look back on some of our favourite images from 2018... and beyond!

At the heart of our business is - and will always be - a love of photography. We set up our Lobster Pictures Instagram...

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Inspiring the Next Generation of (Time Lapse) Photographers

It's all started to feel a little festive here at the Lobster Pictures HQ after our office Christmas party last week - so we felt it was time to sprinkle the seasonal goodwill a little further afield! 

We pulled together a collection of cameras,...

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Lobster Vision time lapse differences tool

The Lobster Vision Time Lapse Viewer

Time lapse is commissioned for a number of reasons; remote site monitoring, project management, stakeholder engagement, imagery and films for PR and marketing, documenting/archiving, or even collaboration, visualisation and BIM Level compliance...

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The Future of Video

Video is such an intrinsic part of our service offering here at Lobster Pictures. We have a truly dedicated Production Department who are always looking for creative, innovative ways to showcase our clients' construction projects in the finished...

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Why Use 8K Time Lapse?

Even if you're new to time lapse photography - or indeed the field of photography itself - you might have heard a lot about 8K. But what actually is it? Should you use it on your project? If so, why?

In this article, we unpack all things 8K, with...

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