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Testing, Testing... Is This Thing On?

We install cameras on all kinds of construction and engineering projects, and we make sure they stand up to whatever kind of punishment you - our very dear clients - can throw at them. We’ve covered the sort of challenging environments that we’ve...

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Cultivating Effective Client-Supplier Relationships

Over ten years working in the construction industry has given us first-hand experience of both operating in a supply chain, and the importance of having great relationships with those around us. In fact, we are both supplier and client, so can...

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Lobster Pictures at DCW 2018

Digital Construction Week is a fantastic event at ExCel, London dedicated to innovation and technology in the built environment. The two-day exhibition features interactive hands-on demonstrations, free to attend seminars, workshops and classes,...

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Floating Seahorse accomodation

The Technological Horizon

In a break from our normal style, our Technical Lead, Jon Hadley, drops the red pill and moves past VR, blockchain and drones to imagine how his role - and the technology of image capture and construction as a whole - might change in the next 50...

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Sudbury House BPG Architects

Case Study: BPG and Sudbury House

The client

BPG Architects + Surveyors, on behalf of Wandsworth Council.

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Six Of The Best: Photography Inspiration

You guessed it: we love photography. Going hand-in-hand with the site monitoring aspect of what we do; capturing crisp, stunning images in up to 8K and creating engaging, broadcast-quality films forms the core of our service offering. We truly...

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How To Commission A Great Video

As a company who specialises in creating engaging videos for our clients - with specific experience in construction and engineering content - we thought we would share our recommendations on how to commission a knock-out video, to get the best...

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Six Of The Best: Tips For Time Management

Time. As we discuss here, time can be our most valuable commodity; we can’t get it back, and we have a finite amount of it, yet we often manage it poorly and rarely maximise the time we do have.

If, like us, you have lots going on and little...

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ISO 9001:2015 And Why It Matters

ISO standards of varying numbers get mentioned a lot, but what does it all mean and, more importantly, as a customer, why does it matter if your supplier is ISO certified or not?

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The Future Of Drones In Construction

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll have noticed the huge surge in the popularity of drones, as the technology gets better, cheaper, lighter and more versatile. There are obvious - and less obvious - applications...

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