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Six Of The Best: Tips For Time Management

Time. As we discuss here, time can be our most valuable commodity; we can’t get it back, and we have a finite amount of it, yet we often manage it poorly and rarely maximise the time we do have.

If, like us, you have lots going on and little...

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ISO 9001:2015 And Why It Matters

ISO standards of varying numbers get mentioned a lot, but what does it all mean and, more importantly, as a customer, why does it matter if your supplier is ISO certified or not?

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The Future Of Drones In Construction

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll have noticed the huge surge in the popularity of drones, as the technology gets better, cheaper, lighter and more versatile. There are obvious - and less obvious - applications...

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Time Lapse Site Monitoring: FAQ

Setting up a new process such as monitored time lapse on a project can initially kick-up a multitude of questions and queries. To help you navigate the subject, especially if time lapse is new to you, we've put together a list of the most...

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A Glossary Of BIM

Technology can be a minefield of terms and acronyms. The platforms and technology related to BIM - the acronym representing Building Information Modelling - are certainly no exception.

We're keen to avoid using words that require insider...

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Six Of The Best: Resources For Construction News

As we all know, the construction sector is in a constant state of change. New developments, emerging technologies and changes in legislation all mean the industry must continually evolve. Despite some criticism that the industry needs to be...

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The Lobster Pictures 2018 Showreel

It took 1,165,875 images from 17 Lobster Pot cameras. This amounted to 2.05 terabytes of data, which equalled 46,635 seconds... or 13 hours of footage. All edited down into a single one-minute film. 

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Time Lapse PLUS: The Extras To Bring Your Film To Life

Time lapse is an inherently visual medium - one that we are truly passionate about as you can imagine! However, when we initially set up our company, we made a very conscious decision not to have 'time lapse' in our name. Lobster Time Lapse...

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Time Lapse And Advertising

"I’d like to explore time lapse within my marketing content, but how specifically can it benefit me?"

Time lapse has been used in film and television for decades, and is becoming increasingly popular in the booming online content world. Its...

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The Psychology Of Progress

“There is something about a time lapse film that is just innately captivating”

We love hearing this type of comment from our clients, not in the least because, well, we feel the same! We are really, truly passionate about what we do, and even...

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