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Choosing Suppliers, When Time Really Matters

Time is short, it always is. For human beings, time can be our most valuable commodity; we can’t get it back and we have a finite amount of it, yet we often manage it poorly and rarely maximise the time we have. From industry to industry, the use...

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Challenging Site? No Sweat

"I wasn’t sure about getting in touch, because I thought my construction site may prove too remote/hot/cold/complex for installing time lapse site monitoring”

This is a phrase we’ve heard many times over the years from new clients. As soon as...

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Solving The Constant Content Challenge

Content. It’s the buzzword that has been on all marketer’s lips for a good few years now... and with good reason. It is of course the informative, engaging and valuable stuff that populates websites, blogs and social posts - editorial copy,...

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The Big Questions To Ask When Commissioning Time Lapse Site Monitoring

Selecting the right suppliers when working on a construction project can be fraught with risk. These are companies that you’re going to have to trust to be with you for the long haul, so you need reassurance that you’re making the right choice....

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Six Of The Best: BIM Resources

If, like us, you have lots going on and little time, then you need information quickly; distilled, curated and ready for review. When delving into the world of Building Information Modelling (BIM), finding a reading list that quickly jumped to...

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BIM And The Future Of Project Visualisation

Looking back over the history of construction, it's clear that almost as soon as paper became affordable, documenting and visualising building projects began in earnest.

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Lobster Pictures: Masters of 360°

360 video is fast becoming one of the leading technological advances of 2016 and beyond. It’s capabilities can bring to life projects that would otherwise remain two dimensional and a little lifeless. As thrilling as it might be - it’s not always...

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Dust and sand time lapse

Come Rain or Shine; Time Lapse Video Whatever the Weather

“Neither snow nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”

This inscription, on the main Post Office building in New York, neatly sums up our ongoing obsession with shooting...

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Time Lapse Video Event: Epsom Races to the Finish Line

The Challenge:

The annual Epsom Derby is a fantastic affair of all things British; with everyone dressing up in their finest garments, walking around with a glass of prosecco in hand and hoping their horse will win big. Now often the British...

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