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Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2014

Europe's largest ballooning event filled the city for the 36th year - with over 100 balloons taking to the skies in a spectacular display. Hundreds of thousands attended the four-day festival, with multiple activities including parachuting,...

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Patented crab from Lobster Pictures time lapse

Our First Patent

We’ve just been awarded a UK patent for the ‘crab’ - an integral part of the Lobster Pot that goes a long way to making our cameras the most resilient, reliable and high-quality in the world.

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Storm Repairs, Dawlish

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The Use of Time Lapse in Advertising

The world of content and advertising is growing, and with the development of technology and the rise of social media, brands are going above and beyond to produce creative and innovative campaigns to promote their products. Today's technology...

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2013 Time Lapse Review - Some of our Favourites

We're always on the lookout for ideas, inspiration and new techniques from time lapse projects around the world. Here are some examples of films that have caught our imagination and wowed us in the last 12 months - we hope you enjoy the...

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Velux windows factory rooftops

Velux Modular Skylights: Bringing Light to Life

Velux is a household name for many of us. Known for their domestic roof windows and skylight installations – anyone with a loft conversion will have considered their products. However with a growing commercial market, we were asked to help...

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Safety - Still First!

Following on from our last post about working safely, we'll take some time to highlight something that really distinguishes our services - the training we have. Building on our experience - we work all over the world on diverse projects from ...

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One Click: From Your Armchair To The Highlands

We've been commissioned a few times to produce panoramas along with our time lapse work. These allow you to get really involved in a scene, from anywhere - but with more emphasis on space, not time. We look into it in a bit more detail: Panoramic...

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf!

If you've walked along Bristol's waterfront recently, you may have noticed the hive of activity outside the Bristol Old Vic theatre.

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Tower West of Duddon Sands

West of Duddon Sands

We've been doing a lot of work for DONG Energy - one of Northern Europe's leading Energy groups, on an offshore wind project. With eight Lobster Pot cameras, in three locations, and three shorter-duration shoots - so far, we're capturing the epic...

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