Timelapse video that goes off with a bang (literally)

Just how long can one of our time lapse cameras go on for? Well, recently we (inadvertently) tested this age-old question with one of our units installed up in Scotland. Let’s just say it all went off with a bang…


Read on to find out what happens to a Lobster Pot long after the job has been signed, sealed and delivered for our happy clients.

A little over five years ago, we installed a timelapse camera high up a communications mast at Hunterston in Ayrshire to film and monitor a test wind turbine being erected and later dismantled after successful testing for our client, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

It was a tough gig for our Senior Technicians, Luke and Lewis, who carried around 8kg of equipment in their harnesses up all 90 metres. (And of course, it was raining!) Safety is always paramount on our jobs, and they had already achieved their Advanced Climber Certification.

However, this is all in a day’s work for our team and we thought another job well done.

With one thing and another, we were unable to get access to the site to de-rig the camera so we left it filming in the beautiful estuary. Just look at some of the amazing installation footage it captured here:


What happened to the Lobster Pot?

After working successfully to monitor and film the site for half a decade, our unit bowed out with a “power off” signal. Immediately the team were on the case and with a little digging, we realised what had happened. Can you guess? Watch the video below to find out:



Timelapse cameras made of tough stuff

Our units are very hard-wearing and hard-working for our clients and we really put them to the test in extreme heat and cold but even they cannot withstand an explosion! The camera had been explosively de-rigged when a different wind turbine was demolished on the site.

So to go back to our question, how long can a Lobster Pot film in the wild? We haven’t quite answered that yet. That said, we’ve had a camera out in the desert in Abu Dhabi for nine years now and counting.


Got a timelapse challenge for us?

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