What To Expect: When Your Project Is Nearing An End

So, you have time lapse monitoring installed on your project, which is nearing completion. What comes next?

This is the second instalment in our ‘What to expect’ series. If you are looking to implement time lapse on a project and are yet to check out the first post - What to expect: The install process - we'd recommend starting there.


Dayshoots and social edits

At any point, throughout the entire project duration, we’re always on hand to help. We have a dedicated Media Production Department, who are highly experienced in producing great films to truly capture the imagination of your audience; be it stakeholders, broadcasters, colleagues or the public. If you have key project milestones coming up – a large concrete pour, a tower crane installation, a grand opening by a VIP – we can provide a variety of dayshoot options to capture additional footage for use in either interim videos, or to enhance your final film.


In addition, we can provide a range of bespoke interim edits of your time lapse footage at any point throughout the build, for use on social platforms, for internal meetings or for broadcast - just get in touch for more information.

Furthermore, high resolution images and a weekly video are available for instant download through your Lobster Vision online viewer. Visit our Content Creation page for more information.



Around a month before your project’s estimated close date, we will get in touch. At this point, we can discuss if you are ready for your cameras to be taken down, or if you need them to remain in situ a little longer. We completely understand that often there are unforeseen delays on construction projects, so we can be completely flexible if your project is progressing a little behind schedule.

Alternatively, if the project finishes earlier than expected, simply drop us a note and we can then arrange for removal of the cameras.


Removal of cameras

Once we have confirmation you are ready for your cameras to be removed, one of our Operations Team will be in touch to arrange a suitable date for us to access the site.

Our technicians will arrive on site and complete the process, removing the camera and equipment. If you have purchased a mast as part of your project, this will be left in position, whilst smaller mounts and fixtures will be removed at the same time as the cameras.




Once the cameras have been removed from your site, our Production department will be in touch to begin discussions regarding your final film. We appreciate that each time lapse film is unique, with different requirements, and different goals. Due to this, we offer a very flexible way of working depending on your individual project and deadlines, but a typical project might look something like this:


 1. We will work with you to understand your unique requirements for the final film

- What will it be used for? Will it be for internal use, will it be for marketing collateral, will it take centre stage on your homepage?

- Who is it for? We’ll discuss your unique audience so as we can tailor our suggestions.

- When do you need it for? We’ll work to your deadline and ensure your film is ready when you need it to be.


2. Initial edit

The team can create a basic edit of the footage from your camera and send across to you for review, to get the ball rolling. We’ll remove any sections of footage with inactivity on site, night shots and rain.


3. We can add logos, motion graphics, music, voiceovers and more, to suit your requirements

Check out our Case Studies to see some finished results, or visit our Vimeo channel for more ideas. 


4. Quality control

Each film goes through our rigorous Quality Control Checklist, covering 18 checks we complete before your film is finalised.


5. Finalising

Once you have approved your film, we will finalise the files for you. We will then send across:

- 1 x Large USB drive containing still images from the cameras, for archival purposes and image libraries.

- 1 x Small USB drive containing the finished videos in both broadcast quality and web quality.

We can also provide un-cut rushes of the footage, in broadcast quality for any internal or external production departments ready to use in their NLE suites.


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