What To Expect: The Install Process

If you’ve not used monitored time lapse before, but are interested in how this could be implemented on your construction, demolition, renewables, interior fit-out or fine art project, this post is for you!

Read on to find out how the install process works, and discover how easy it is to get time lapse monitoring up and running on your project... and the great service you can expect to receive along the way.


Getting in touch

We have a number of options to get in touch to best suit your needs. You can either drop us an email to info@lobsterpictures.tv, fill out our Contact Us form, or call us on +44 (0)117 911 5520.

Ideally, if you are able to include the following information in your initial call or email, it will mean we’re able to ensure your quotation is as accurate as possible:

- A title for your project

- An estimated project start date and expected duration (don’t worry if these aren’t fully confirmed)

- If there is a specific budget requirement

We'll just need these details about your project to enable us to draft a bespoke proposal for you. Alternatively, if time is of the essence, we can simply give you ballpark costs over the phone.


Going ahead

Once you are happy with the proposal, just drop us a note to say you’d like to proceed. We’ll need a PO number from your Finance Department to go ahead, then we’re all set.


Site survey

We always recommend a site survey for your project, to allow us to advise the best positioning of the camera or cameras, and which masts or brackets will best suit the individual requirements of the site itself. This survey can take place either before or after receipt of the PO.

Before the site survey, you’ll just need to arrange for us to have access to the site and provide us with details for the site contact.

On the agreed day of the site survey, one of our highly trained team will arrive at the agreed time. We’re more than happy to complete any required site inductions upon arrival.

Lobster Pictures time lapse van installation

After the survey, we will send you an in-depth write-up of the visit, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when it comes to the actual install itself. The document will include:

- A recap of your requirements

- Images of the expected view to be captured by the camera or cameras

- Imagery documenting the exact location of the camera positioning on site, plus scope of capture

- Details of the proposed mounting solution

- Confirmation of power source


Install planning and RA/MS report

After the site survey, you will be contacted by our experienced Operations Manager, Dennis Hendy. Dennis has over 20 years experience in operations, service and contract management and will be your day to day contact, so that the installation process is seamless. He’ll arrange a phone call with you to discuss the install procedure, and work with you to ensure that there will be power in situ, agree a suitable date for the install and finalise any remaining details, such as access requirements and MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) such as cherrypickers or scissor-lifts.

Following this call, we’ll draft a full RA/MS report (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) which will cover all the procedures we put in place to ensure the safety of everyone on your site. It will also include a full list of the relevant accreditations held by our team of Technicians. The RA/MS report will be sent to you and we can work with you to amend as required.



Our team of Technicians will prepare all required equipment and arrive in one of our Lobster Pictures branded vans at the agreed time, wearing full Lobster Pictures branded PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We are always happy to do another site induction if required.

Install of time lapse camera


We’ll install the cameras in the agreed positions and test the shots, working closely with our Support Technician Harry Coelho back in the office to ensure each shot is perfect, and covers the required details. Whilst we’re still on site, Harry will then send you an email including an image of the exact shot from each camera, to double check you are 100% happy before we finalise.


Welcome to time lapse monitoring!

Once you have confirmed approval of the exact image that is being captured by each camera, we’ll complete the install and the cameras will begin their agreed shooting schedules. On the same day, you will receive a welcome email, with your Lobster Vision login details and the names of the team here at Lobster Pictures who will be your key contacts for any queries you might have.

You’ll be able to immediately log in and start viewing, comparing and downloading your images.


Watch this space for our next instalment, 'What to expect: When your project is nearing an end', which will cover the simple de-rig process and the creation of your final bespoke time lapse film.


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